Wrench & Nuts

Wrench & Nuts


Wrench & Nuts

Experience a riveting journey in Wrench & Nuts, a game that tests your dexterity and creativity with puzzles that include a plethora of wrenches and screws. Assume the role of the unscrewing maestro, infusing each segment with incomparable flare, and blasting ahead through a succession of heart-pounding difficulties.

The mind-bending online games to play when bored puts a new spin on the genre of knot-solving puzzles. Players are presented with a series of puzzles that require strategic thinking and problem solving skills to solve. If you appreciate the gratification of untangling and solving convoluted and intricate puzzles, Wrench & Nuts promises to be an exciting and intellectually stimulating experience. In this enthralling puzzle adventure, you'll get the chance to show off your skills at unscrewing and solving knots.

This game was developed by www.laggedgame.com.

How to play?

HOW TO PLAY Wrench amp bolts puzzle -Tap on the wrench to unscrew in wrench amp bolts - Retry the level any time you are stuck in wrench amp bolts - Wrench amp bolts is an arcade screw puzzle game - Free the wrenches in order to clear wrench


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